Oscillating tubular drive (2006)

In several applications of drive engineering electric drives are needed that have a control and actuator functions as well as slow output rotating speed with high torque. These drives are used for electric doors, windows, blinds, roller shutters or rolling doors.

Security-system for medical syringes (2003)


In medical work areas, either in ambulant, clinical, human or veterinary medicine as well as in laboratories the syringe is one of the most used tools of all.

"EVAC-Blitz" - Safety system for fast and secure evacuation of people from high buildings (2002)


Fast and safe evacuation methods from high buildings are not just been a relevant topic since the 11th of September. Because of new record buildings that are higher and higher standard escape routes like stairs and elevators are coming to their limits.

Secure lock for doors (1998)


A cylinder lock that uses a locking process not only with the use of spring loaded pins but alternative with gliding or rotating parts

Balloon-Lift Trainings- and Leisure-device (1996)


This system contains a balloon with deflection rollers. A lifting device is located at the ground and is fixed there.

Elektronic Babysitter (1980)


Well know later as the “Babyphone” this invention enables parents to monitor their children from another room (from distance).