"Power by the hour"

Holistic energy concept for electric mobility (since 2008)


”Power-by-the-hour” builds a network of battery exchange stations, buys and leases batteries and sells energy for electromobility. All positive impacts on the electricity market are taken into account and are integrated. The project not only offers an additional market for selling electric power but also it is able to solve problems on the balancing energy market, which occur more and more since renewable energy is supported in a greater way (like excess of energy at off-peak periods at nights or in moments of high wind speeds or rapid changes in cloud coverings of the sky).

The project realizes real zero emission (well to wheel). Also new and intelligent billing process will be integrated so the energy market will be flexible in time and place. Customers will profit from changing market prices because the batteries can be charged at peak off hours in the night with cheap energy and in times when energy is expensive the batteries can even provide energy back into the system, selling it for high prices.

Exchange station "PowerTower" and battery exchange of ZEOS vehicle

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