High altitude wind-Projects

Clean but economic energy from renewable sources (since 1982)


Cyclic energy production from kites (1982)

A system to produce clean energy from winds with the use of a kite (or other flying object) which is bond to a stationary floor assembly. The kite flies autonomous cyclic figures in an upward spiral. The rope which attaches the kite to the floor assembly is rolled out and generates energy this way. At the end of the spiral the kite stalls towards ground and start the upward spiral again for the next energy production cycle.

 Visualization of the principle by NASA Research Center in Langley Source


 Actual demonstration of the principle of the 80s by the company SkySails Source

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(since 2010)

Wind power station with kites or other flying objects that autonomous fly figures and are bond to the ground assembly by three or more ropes. In a second version they pull ships with repellers for energy production.

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