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ZEOS Project

Electric vehicle concept (2006)

The following sites will present the concept “ZEOS”, a holistic approach for individual mobility of the future based on an electric vehicle (ZEOS-“EcoLiner”) and an energy-segment (“Power-by-the-hour”).

The car is constructed from the base on exclusively for the usage of electrical energy and therefor is able to completely use all advantages of an electric vehicle (modular production, interior design, crash-safety, etc.). On the energy-side all positive impacts on the electricity market are taken into account and are integrated. Here the project not only offers an additional market for selling electric power but also it is able to solve problems on the balancing energy market, which occur more and more since renewable energy is supported in a greater way (like excess of energy at off-peak periods at nights or in moments of high wind speeds or rapid changes in cloud coverings of the sky).

Secured by technological competitive edges, usage of all synergies because of the holistic approach as well as a high number of own patents and trade mark rights in this segment ZEOS combines all chances that are offered by the future of electric mobility as the new megatrend. On the market-side the car is purposely positioned in the TOP-segment, regarding performance, quality and vehicle-segment. The advantages of the new drive in comparison to conventional combustion engines will have the effect that the ZEOS-“EcoLiner” will outperform many of its competitors in handling, comfort and safety features and therefor will have great chances to change the market of long distance limousines.

„Power-by-the-hour“ on the energy-side will generate sustainable profits with buying and leasing of batteries, installation and operation of battery change stations (“PowerTower”) as well as with the selling of energy for mobility.