Spindle – one way clutch

Innovative Clutch principle (2010)


The innovative spindle – one way clutch is based upon the principle, to use the axial thrust in a spindle to activate a clutch in only one direction and with any characteristic. The clutch function (shiftable by external control) and the freewheel function (one directional automatic clutch function) are both combined with a rotational elastic torque characteristic, which allows the absorption of any torque peaks by damping over several full rotations.


The spindle - one way clutch can be applied in gear boxes of road vehicles of any kind, ideally with one Spindel –one way clutch for each speed. In this application the spindle one way clutch could automatically control the torque transmission during the process of change of speed and therefore could replace the shift forks, the sliding collars, and the synchronization elements. As a one way clutch the engine can be disengaged automatically when the car runs in idle condition and automatically and smoothly reengaged as soon as the engine is delivering positive torque again.




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