The intelligent safety concept for vehicle- and motorcycle-drives and passengers (1986)


Airbelt – the inflatable safety belt

Safety belts (as 3- or more point-belts) are a central element in the safety concept of today’s personal transportation. They protect the persons from flying around and against damages from impacts with i.e. steering wheels, seats or dashboards.


In addition to safety belts airbags are the other main component in the safety concept. They protect the potential impact area so when the belt gives in (which is in some degree necessary to prevent the person from negative accelerations that are too high) the airbag lowers or prevents damage.


 Study from Mercedes with Airbelt-Concept Source


The Airbelt-concept combines both safety features to a new even more effective and simple system. In this concept the airbags are integrated in the belts and open up directly in front of the person so that the person is protected against impacts in the best way possible. Especially in the case that it is not possible or only possible with a high amount of costs to protect the potential impact area (like the back of the front seats to protect the rear passengers) this new system is way superior to standard airbag systems.


 AirbAirbelt-Concept realized by Ford Quelle Source


Airbag system for motorcyclists

This concept for this first time brought the airbag into the protective clothing of motorcyclists. It protects the cyclist significantly against injuries due to falling onto asphalt or against crash barriers. The airbags that inflate themselves in the fraction of a second are equipped with an intelligent trigger mechanism as a combination of acceleration sensor and link to the bike.


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